Spot’s Choice


Seton Nossiter Park

Seton Nossiter Park off-leash area in Wellington runs for around 750 metres beside a stream in a Flood Detention Area. It’s pretty much flat and grassy and allows plenty of space for dogs to run.

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On-leash walks

Palmer Head on-leash walk - mustelid traps warning.

Palmer Head on-leash walk

The Palmer Head on-leash walk is a great way to enjoy the wild Wellington South Coast, and views over the airport.


Pencarrow Coastal Trail in Eastbourne

Apart from August and September when dogs are totally banned from the Pencarrow Coast Road this is a great on-leash walk for those who like wild Wellington coasts.

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From The Lobby

Hold your dogs there Housing New Zealand!

There’s talk of stopping Housing New Zealand tenants from owning dogs. If true, it’s an extremely short-sighted notion as plenty of scientific research shows dog ownership is good for us.

The chair or the dog?

Hold the dog’s lead or wheel the chair? Wheelchair users may not have to choose any more, thanks to the sciLeash.

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