A slim dog is a healthy, happy dog

Many of us are inclined to give our dogs a few too many treats, a little extra in the dinner bowl. But we could be killing our dogs if we keep that up. At the very least we can be making them unhappy and unhealthy.

A study of 50 overweight dogs, comprising a mix of breeds and genders was undertaken by scientists at the University [of Liverpool] in collaboration with the University of Glasgow, Royal Canin and the WALTHAM Centre for Pet Nutrition. …

The results showed that the quality of life improved in the dogs that had successfully lost weight, in particular vitality scores increased and the score for emotional disturbance and pain decreased. Moreover, the more body fat that the dog lost, the greater the improvement in vitality. …

Dr Alex German, Director of the Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic at the University, said: “Obesity is a risk for many dogs, affecting not only their health but also their quality of life. This research indicates that weight loss can play an important role in keeping your dog both healthy and happy.”

[Via University of Liverpool – University News – Quality of life of obese dogs improves when they lose weight « « News.]

Keep walking!

Keep walking!

You might have thought this was all common sense, but actually good scientific research quite often debunks ‘common sense’. This time it happened to back it up.

Your dog needs a careful limit on its food and treats and plenty of exercise to be healthy and happy.

So why not take it somewhere fun for a walk today?