All about Wellington dogs in 2011

A recently released Wellington City Council dog control report has lots of stats on Wellington’s dogs, such as: there are around 700 more this year than last year. Well, registered, anyway.

Responsible Dog Owner.

One key takeaway: don’t let your dog roam!

Quick stats on Wellington’s dogs

A few extracts from the report:

The Council provides 51 designated off-leash exercise areas and eight beach exercise areas across the city.

Dog registration fees, fines and impound fees contribute 75% of the cost of dog control in Wellington City.

Total number of registered dogs 8970 in 2009/10, 9635 in 2010/11.

Total # Dangerous Dogs: 20 in 2009/10, 16 in 2010/11.

Total # Menacing Dogs: 159 in 2009/10, 177 in 2010/11.

Note: 70 of this year’s menacing dogs (60 last year) are by behaviour, the rest are by breed. Report 5 (linked above) tells us:

The number of dogs classified as menacing has increased due in part to the continued focus by Officers in imposing this classification as a mitigation measure to prevent harm to people, other animals and wildlife.

Note the emphasis on prevention in classifying dogs as menacing.

Total number of dog related complaints: 2099 in 2009/10, 2431 in 2010/11.

Note: the largest number of complaints are for barking or roaming.

777 dogs were impounded in the 2010/11 period. This includes dogs roaming, captured, trapped or seized; 643 dogs were released, 68 were destroyed and 66 dogs were adopted or transferred.

Read the reports yourself

Read the Dog Control Policy and Practices under the Dog Control Act 1996 1 July 2010 – 30 June 2011 report (150 Kb PDF) for yourself for all the details.

Also take a look at the Strategy And Policy Committee 16 February 2012 Report 5 (50 Kb PDF).