Speed up your trip to a dog walk with Google Maps traffic information

It’s annoying when you put the dog in the car and head off for a great walk somewhere only to get all tangled up in traffic snarls. Now Google Maps will help you avoid that traffic problem:

Kiwi automobile commuters, we want to reduce your time stuck in traffic. Today we have expanded our live traffic coverage in Google Maps to cities in New Zealand.

To look at the current traffic conditions for an area, simply go to maps.google.co.nz and click on the traffic layer located in the widget on the upper right hand side of the screen. The desktop maps are great for scanning the roads before you get in the car. But if you want to check out the latest road info on the go, the traffic layer is also available on your mobile device through Google Maps for Mobile and Google Maps Navigation.

Traffic info on Google Maps.

Traffic info on Google Maps.

If you have Google Maps on your smartphone find the spot to turn on Traffic Information. Roads marked in green are fast, those in orange slower, those in red are slow, and it looks as though red and black dashes are roads you should avoid.

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