Wellington dogs and Council services

Apparently registering a dog in Wellington costs more than in other places around New Zealand. And the Council earns more in dog registrations than it pays out on services for dogs.

What’s more the Council has signed on Hutt City Council to deliver some animal services within the Wellington City area.

Paddy the Wanderer.

One of Wellington’s most famous and beloved dogs Paddy the Wanderer in the 1930s was cared for by watersiders and Harbour Board workers, seamen and local taxi drivers, who all took it in turn to pay his annual dog licence fee.

Wellington’s high registration fees

The Wellingtonian reports on registration fees:

Wellingtonians pay $167.50 a year for an un-neutered dog, compared with $87 in Christchurch, $107 in Auckland and $146.50 in Porirua.

Figures obtained by The Wellingtonian under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act show that the council’s income from registration and infringement fees rose by $83,225 this year (from $1,041,903 in 2011 to $1,125,128).

Its spending on dog management was down by $12,621 (from $908,441 in 2011 to $895,820 in 2012). …

The council contracts out its animal control duty at a cost of $860,879 (up from $849,949 in 2011). …

Besides paying the contractor, the council spent $34,941 to June this year on dog-related administration (including publications, signs and advertising) and biodegradable dog poo bags (a recent initiative also used by other councils, such as Dunedin and Hutt City).

[Via Wellingtonians pay top dollar to register their… | Stuff.co.nz.]

Hutt City to take on our dogs

While the Wellington City Council have contracted with Hutt City to take over dog control, there’s also a change in what happens if your dog’s found roaming — you may be able to pick it up from a vet practice in Miramar or Khandallah:

Hutt City Animal Services staff will provide animal shelter services at Moa Point and Seaview. They will also monitor dog behaviour in the Wellington City area and investigate complaints about dogs. …

If a registered dog is found roaming, it will be taken to a vet practice in Miramar or Khandallah, whichever is closer to the owner’s home address. The owner will be contacted to let them know where and when their dog can be collected.

[Via News – Canines Bring Councils Closer Together.]