Wellington SPCA to move to the slopes of Mt Vic

On the slopes of Mount Victoria are both the Vice Regal North and Alexandra Road West dog exercise areas.

And very close to both of them is the old and empty Fever Hospital.

The old Fever Hospital.

The old Fever Hospital on the slopes of Mt Victoria.

Meanwhile, the Wellington SPCA is housed on a tiny little property in Newtown. For a long time now the SPCA have been lobbying the council to be able to move to the old Fever Hospital. Finally, there’s good news:

Wellington SPCA is pleased to report that on Wednesday 27th June [2012], Wellington City Council officially said “YES” to Wellington SPCA’s move to Fever Hospital.

[Via Rehome SPCA – A new home for Wellington SPCA.]

On the map below you can see Vice Regal as a long, skinny area of grass to the West of the Fever Hospital (which is just above the marker on the map), while Alexandra Road West is the almost teardrop shaped area of grass just to the South.

Now of course the hard work starts as the SPCA needs to come up with a lot of funding. Take a look at their Rehome SPCA site, and see what you can do to help.