Beware toxic algae in and by the Hutt River

Watch out in the warm weather as toxic algae in rivers and streams could kill your dog (and harm you):

Toxic algae status on website.

Toxic algae status on Greater Wellington Regional Council website.

… protect yourself and your dogs from toxic algae, with an increase in algal growth detected in the Hutt River at Silverstream this week.

“Although the cover of toxic algae is still low in the river, mats are starting to wash up onto the banks increasing the risk of dogs or humans coming into contact with them” says Regional Council Senior Environmental Scientist Summer Greenfield. …

Toxic algae or cyanobacteria can kill dogs and make people sick and has been a problem in the Hutt River and other rivers around the country in recent years. You can spot toxic algae by looking out for brown or black clumps of algae covering rocks in the river or washed up at the river’s edge. …

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