The SPCA are almost in their new home

The latest SPCA email newsletter has great news:

We are excited to tell you that the new Wellington SPCA Animal Care, Education & Community Centre will for the first time open to the public on 23rd December.

It has taken a long time of fundraising, planning and refurbishment, but it will have all been worth it when we can move our animals into their new home in time for Christmas. This new centre is not just about providing lost and abandoned animals a temporary home on their journey to find a new family. With our teaching hospital facilities, private vet practice, education centre and the community wing, we can make an ever greater impact on the welfare of animals in our community.

The old Fever hospital.

The old Fever hospital.

The official street address is 140 Alexandra Road, Newtown, which isn’t very far from the Run Spot Run headquarters. We’re thrilled to welcome them as neighbours.

The time of year has come, and the project team has stuck to schedule and done an amazing job of making Fever Hospital our new home. We will be having an open day on the 6th of February and look forward to seeing you all there!

[Via : Rehome SPCA.]

Congratulations to the SPCA for all their hard work. Let’s hope the new home will serve them and Wellington’s animals well for a long time to come.