Avalanche Dogs

You probably don’t take your dog skiing with you, but the team at Aspiring Avalanche Dogs do:

We aim to provide the Alpine community of the Southern Lakes Region with a primary response avalanche search dog service, able to be rapidly deployed 24 hours a day, 7 days per week and 252 days of the year, well into the future.

Our primary goal is to save lives, and with more and more people enjoying the amazing terrain of Treble Cone and the backcountry we have to offer in our region we believe that this goal will be realized in time. Whether it is through our educational program or by one of our teams on site we are proud to have this opportunity to be of service as we start our journey towards being world leaders in our field.

These dogs look like they’re having enormous fun outdoors, though you’d think their paws would be cold.

Next time you go skiing, think about these hardy dogs and their phenomenal finding skills.