Edward Wilson Park

Going downhill, view North East.

Edward Wilson Park is Churton Park’s second off-leash dog exercise area.
It’s a medium sized hillside park with its many contours much loved by high energy dogs while they explore the interconnected grass areas.

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Tukanae Street Reserve


Tukanae Street Reserve off-leash dog exercise area is about the size of a rugby pitch on the hills in Strathmore. Views over the airport and Lyall Bay are its biggest plus. Of local interest only.

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Churton Park

View north down the car park towards Halswater Drive.

Churton Park off-leash dog exercise area is centrally located on Halswater Drive, in a steep sided gully below the children’s play area and sports field.

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Mount Albert Park


Mount Albert Park is a grassy, hilly park on the City side of Mt Albert, behind the Wellington Chinese Sports and Cultural Centre and the hockey stadium. Dogs share this park with a 4X track that includes jumps and wooden platforms.

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