Balaena Bay Beach

Quick Info

  • Two small, unfenced beach areas right beside Evans Bay Parade, a very busy road.
  • On-leash area.
  • Restricted access hours.
  • Penguin colony.

See also the Weka Bay (off-leash), Kio Bay (off-leash) and Little Karaka Bay Beach (on-leash) entries as they are right next door. There is a map showing all the beaches where dogs are allowed (625Kb PDF).

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Info
  2. Access
  3. Facilities
  4. Description
  5. Terrain
  6. Delights
  7. Dangers
  8. Cautions
  9. Road access
  10. Location
  11. Map
  12. Photo album

Access for wheelchairs, and pushchairs

  • A ramp down to the beach.


  • Rubbish bin: yes.
  • Toilets: yes
  • Seats: no.
  • Lighting at night: streetlights.


The Balaena Bay Beach dog exercise area is the two patches of beach to either side of the public toilets in Balaena Bay. It’s an on-leash area and during Daylight Savings dogs aren’t allowed on the beach during the day:

Restricted Beach Exercise Areas
Dogs are prohibited from these areas from 9.00am – 7.00pm every day during national daylight saving hours. The areas are classed as controlled public places where dogs can be on-leash before 9.00am and after 7.00pm in summer and on-leash at all times in winter.

Balaena Bay beach.

Balaena Bay beach.

This is one of several restricted beach areas on the City Council map: Balaena Bay Beach (73Kb PDF).


  • Beach
  • Small
  • Water: yes


  • Beside the harbour.


  • Right beside a very busy road.


  • The beach is a penguin nesting area. Be careful you or your dog don’t disturb birds, nests or eggs.

Road access

It’s right beside Evans Bay Parade and there is parking nearby, either on the road or at the North end of the beach in an off-road area.

See page 2 of this post for a photo album.

Location (see the map)

  • Latitude: -41.292102
  • Longitude: 174.8027


See Balaena Bay Beach dog exercise area on Google Maps.