Meekswood Reserve

Quick Info

  • Medium large, with a variety of terrain.
  • Enough variety to hold your dog’s interest.
  • Popular, as dogs tend to stay away from the road due to the steep roadside banks and vegetation, although some of this has been removed by WCC recently.
  • Meekswood and Meekwoods spellings have both been used by Wellington City Council.
  • Lies between Ohariu Road to the West and Clifford Road to the East.
  • Only around 20% of the boundary is fenced.

This review is based on material contributed by Penny Krieg of Loose Leash Dog Walking. Thanks, Penny.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Info
  2. Access
  3. Facilities
  4. Description
  5. Terrain
  6. Delights
  7. Dangers
  8. Cautions
  9. Road access
  10. Location
  11. Map
  12. Photo album

Access for wheelchairs, and pushchairs

  • Wheelchairs: probably no access, unless someone is there to slow descent and help with pushing back up the grass access track.
  • Pushchairs: yes.


  • Fence: no. Less than 20% of the boundary is fenced, and any fence is not against the road!
  • Dog drinking water: No.
  • Dog water play: No.
  • Poo bins: No.
  • Poo bags: No.
  • Toilets: No.
  • Seats: No.
  • Lighting: No. There are street lights on the far side of the road.
  • Children’s play equipment: No. A rustic slide & fort for older children were removed in 2012.
  • Nearest cafe: Johnsonville Mall.
  • Nearby attraction: Dog groomers — Pampered Pooch, 2 doors down at #64 Ohariu Road.


Meekswood Reserve is a medium to large dog exercise area. In 2009 its boundaries were extended from just the flat grass area to include the whole ridge — a total of 15,720 square metres.

It now includes 3 large areas of native plantings on the steep slopes of the ridge line.

An additional 2000 native plants were planted in 2011.

The park will be very pleasant when the plantings are well established and more birds frequent the area.

This is one of two off-leash areas in Johnsonville.

Meekswood Reserve.

Meekswood Reserve.


  • Bags of rubbish are often dumped down the roadside bank and there’s also dropped and windblown rubbish.
  • Some poop, and full poop bags.

This is area #11 on the City Council map: Meekswood Reserve 91Kb PDF):

Ohariu Road, Johnsonville — Ohariu Road side of reserve up to crest of hill.


  • A flat filled-in gully below Ohariu Road is accessed by a step grassy 4WD track.
  • Another track up the opposite slope goes to the grassy ridgeline, then steps up again to the high grassy ridge (lookout?), then steeply down to Clifford Road.


  • Views!
  • Trees.
  • Grass.
  • Native Plantings.


  • Unfenced to neighbouring properties.
  • Unfenced to the roadsides — traffic comes over a rise on both roads, and wandering dogs would be hard to see!
  • Possum and rat poison are widely used in the whole region and may be present.


  • Many golf balls are left behind and could be a choking risk to your dog.
  • The edges of the field are shallow drains that hold water in the wet season. There’s also a boggy patch to the North.
  • Dogs dig water collection holes to drink from.
  • Gorse growing on highest ridge (lookout).

Road access

The best access is from Ohariu Road, above the intersection with Branscombe Street, or from Clifford Road just past the rise. There’s no off road parking. The safest parking is on Ohariu Road just above the intersection with Branscombe Street.

Nearby on-leash walks

  • Old Coach Road (not so close by).
  • Ohariu Road not really recommended as it’s narrow, has no footpath, is winding with tight corners and frequent traffic.

See page 2 of this post for a photo album.

Location (see the map)

  • Latitude: -41.215789
  • Longitude: 174.803555


See Meekswood Reserve dog exercise area on Google Maps.