Maupuia Walkway (Old Prison Road)

Quick Info

  • A track through a grassy area in Miramar on the hill above Shelly Bay Road.
  • Pretty much flat, with a slight incline.
  • Houses along one side, but up a steep gorse-covered bank. Very steep banks go down to the road a long way below.
  • Plenty of parking along the roads.
  • Great views.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Info
  2. Access
  3. Facilities
  4. Description
  5. Terrain
  6. Delights
  7. Dangers
  8. Cautions
  9. Road access
  10. Location
  11. Map
  12. Photo album

Access for wheelchairs, and pushchairs

  • Access beside a gate should be wide enough for wheelchairs. The track itself is rough and unpaved.


  • Rubbish bin: no.
  • Toilets: no.
  • Seats: yes.
  • Lighting at night: no.


Maupuia Walkway is a short stretch of grass that runs between Akaroa Drive (near Duchess Place) and Prison Road (off Akaroa Drive). A stroll from one end to the other and back took around 30 minutes.

The views across the harbour are beautiful, and a couple of well-placed benches allow you to relax and watch what’s going on on the harbour or the airport.

South entrance to Maupuia Walkway in Miramar.

South entrance to Maupuia Walkway in Miramar.

The day we visited the dogs found a very dead (and dry) object to roll on. It was either a rat or a stoat, and had presumably succumbed to the poisoning that goes on all around Wellington Region.

The track itself is roughly surfaced but not paved, and it curves around the hillside.

There’s a wide grassy area beside the track where dogs can play, but it’s just not a long walk.

Really it’s the views that make this off-leash area a pleasure.

This is area #46 on the City Council map: Maupuia Walkway (Old Prison Road) 95Kb PDF).

Maupuia Road / Akaroa Drive, Maupuia — open walkway accessed from Maupuia Road and Akaroa Drive.


  • Flat, with a slight incline.
  • Grassy
  • Medium size
  • Water: no


  • Views across the Harbour, to both North and South.
  • Grass.


  • Each end opens onto a road.


  • Possum and rat poison are widely used in the whole region and may be present.

Road access

This area runs roughly parallel to Akaroa Drive, with plenty of on-road parking. The South end has a small off-road area where maybe half a dozen cars could park.

See page 2 of this post for a photo album.

Location (see the map)

  • Latitude: -41.30731
  • Longitude: 174.815955


See Maupuia Walkway (Old Prison Road) dog exercise area on Google Maps.