Newtown Park

Quick Info

  • A wide grassy area under the pine trees alongside Russell Terrace.
  • Hilly.
  • Fenced along one side.
  • Plenty of parking along the road and in carpark areas at the south end and behind the athletic park.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Info
  2. Access
  3. Facilities
  4. Description
  5. Terrain
  6. Delights
  7. Dangers
  8. Cautions
  9. Road access
  10. Location
  11. Map
  12. Photo album

Access for wheelchairs, and pushchairs

  • Access across the grass.


  • Rubbish bin: no, but there are numerous bins in Newtown a couple of minutes drive down the road.
  • Toilets: no. The nearest are at the Zoo, probably at the sports grounds, or in Newtown at the corner of Constable Street.
  • Seats: no.
  • Lighting at night: nearby streetlights may light the area but are probably shielded by the trees.
  • Near cafes, shops and other facilities in Newtown.


Newtown Park off-leash area is a stretch of grass under pine trees alongside Russell Terrace from approximately Angus Ave to the north end of Edinburgh Terrace. It’s a roughly flat area on the hill above the road.

Newtown Park off-leash area.

Newtown Park off-leash area, looking down towards Russell Terrace on the left. Click for a larger view.

The area is about 150 metres long and around 75 metres wide (measured via Google Maps). It’s not far from Wellington Zoo and is on the west side of the Newtown Park athletics ground.

There is a fence between the off-leash area and the athletic park, but there is open access to the road. Dogs could easily run out of the area and onto the road.

This is area #40 on the City Council map: (82Kb PDF).

Russell Terrace — pine plantation at top end of Newtown Park


  • On a hillside
  • Grassy
  • Medium size
  • Water: no
  • Not far from a road.


  • Views across Newtown.
  • Pine trees and grass.


  • Not far from roads.


  • Possum and rat poison are widely used in the whole region and may be present. Signs at the entrance warned of Broudifacoum and Pindone.

Road access

This area is right beside Russell Terrace and there’s plenty of on-road parking. At the south end is an off-road parking area with space for 60 or more cars. Follow the drive by that carpark to more plenty parking areas beside the athletic ground.

See page 2 of this post for a photo album.

Location (see the map)

  • Latitude: -41.320603
  • Longitude: 174.78115


See Newtown Park dog exercise area on Google Maps.