Cummings Park

Quick Info

  • A small grassy area in Ngaio behind the shops on the corner of Ottawa Road and Awarua Street.
  • Pretty much flat, with a stream on one boundary.
  • Beside a carpark and across a short bridge from more grass.
  • Parking for about a dozen cars in the adjacent carpark.
  • Amongst trees.
  • Behind cafes and shops.

Table of Contents

  1. Quick Info
  2. Access
  3. Facilities
  4. Description
  5. Terrain
  6. Delights
  7. Dangers
  8. Cautions
  9. Road access
  10. Location
  11. Map
  12. Photo album

Access for wheelchairs, and pushchairs

  • Access from the carpark or via the path between the Library and Awarua Street, then across the grass.


  • Rubbish bin: yes.
  • Toilets: no, but there are public toilets near the Library.
  • Seats: yes.
  • Lighting at night: no.


Cummings Park is a short area of grass behind the shops on Ottawa Road. It’s bounded by mature trees and a small stream and is easily accessed from the carpark which has space for a dozen cars. Access to the carpark is down a steep driveway next to Cafe Villa.

The park is well away from roads and houses. It’s a small area though, suitable for a bit of off-leash play rather than a long exercise period.

Cummings Park.

About half of Cummings Park off-leash area.

Across a small bridge is another grassy area which is not part of the off-leash area. A moment’s stroll away is a children’s playground.

This is area #15 on the City Council map: Cummings Park 99Kb PDF).

Ottawa Road, Ngaio — area to east of stream in central part of reserve


  • Flat.
  • Grassy
  • Smallish
  • Water: yes


  • Contained
  • Trees.
  • Grass.
  • Clean when we visited.

Forgot to bring a poop bag? One responsible dog owner who enjoys the park has solved that problem! Look behind the sign at the gate to see a home-made notice and a supply of plastic bags (see the photo on page 2). What a brilliant idea! In fact, why not bring a spare bag and leave it for others to use?


  • Opens onto a carpark.


  • Possum and rat poison are widely used in the whole region and may be present.

Road access

Down the driveway between Cafe Villa and the other shops (approx #61) on Ottawa Road.

See page 2 of this post for a photo album.

Location (see the map)

  • Latitude: -41.248572
  • Longitude: 174.77374


See Cummings Park dog exercise area on Google Maps.